About2“I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Simply put, that is what I do—I paint your dream. My name is Louise Page. I specialize in the art and mathematics of beautiful space; the art being intuitive listening and thoughtful interpretation to curate beautiful spaces. The mathematics being precise communication, and a deep understanding of building codes and technology.

In 1994, I earned my Professional Interior Design accreditation (N.C.I.D.Q.) and opened my Vancouver design office in 1999. My special focus is residential interiors in Vancouver and surrounding areas, including the Southern Gulf Islands.

Every design and interior space I create is a result of thoughtful planning, uniquely crafted to speak to the personalities of my diverse clientele. Over the years, this has included urban condominiums and family homes; recreational and retirement properties; private jets, airline passenger lounges and pilot facilities; executive office spaces; and a golf club property.